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We are dedicated to creating a future where cannabis is legal, regulated, and accessible for all Western Australians. Join us in our mission to promote the health, economic, and social benefits of cannabis and hemp for our community.


Why Legalise Cannabis?

💊 Affordable Medicine
💰 Tax Revenue Boost
🌍 Slow Global Warming
👮‍♂️ Save Police Resources
🏢 New Local Jobs
🌿 Hemp Innovation
🌟 Increase Wellness
🔒 Reducing Crime Rates
🌾 Supporting Farmers

And so much more... learn more.

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Our movement is powered by passionate advocates like you. Whether you’re a long-time supporter or new to the cause, your involvement is crucial. Let’s create a future where cannabis is legal and benefits everyone in Western Australia.


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Legalise Cannabis WA Party
Legalise Cannabis WA Party