Our Upper House Candidates

1. Dr Brian Walker MLC:      
Brian is an Australian politician and medical practitioner. He has worked in various countries, including Scotland, England, Germany, the USSR, Hong Kong, and China, before returning home to WA. Elected in March 2021 as an MLC for the Legalise Cannabis Party. He continues his medical practice in the Perth Hills and is dedicated to promoting evidence-based policies, encompassing physical, mental, social, and financial and environmental wellness. He hopes to make this world a better place for our children and grandchildren.


2. Melissa D’Ath:   
Mel is an entrepreneur and current Councillor of Margaret River with extensive public service experience, including serving as President of the Chamber of Commerce. She is passionate about supporting rural communities and the industrial hemp industry, incorporating hemp into her businesses to promote zero waste and a sustainable environment. An active community member, Melissa volunteers her social work expertise and engages in multiple local groups. She continues to advocate for the community and preserve the region's unique qualities.


3. Dr Craig Buchanan:    
Craig is an academic and political research officer, who knows first-hand the benefits of medicinal cannabis after a personal battle with cancer. A resident of the South Metropolitan Region and a published author, Craig is a two-term Councillor on the City of Rockingham Council, and an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia, having obtained his Ph.D. from UWA in 2019. Now in his early 50’s, he is married, with two adult step-children.


4. Taryn Davis:  
Taryn is a passionate advocate for reforming cannabis laws to benefit medicinal patients and home growers. She envisions hemp playing a significant role in sustainable housing and waste reduction through local processing and manufacturing. Growing up in the Wheatbelt on a wheat and sheep farm that diversified into a sandalwood farm, Taryn now lives in Bunbury. She has extensive experience in government roles across WA, including energy, housing, waste management, sustainable living, and natural resource management. Taryn aims to bring about positive change and improvement through informed decisions and strong advocacy.


5. Frances Barns:  
Frances has over 20 years of experience in international development and public policy. Holding a Bachelor’s in Asian Studies and a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Policy, she focuses on human rights, harm reduction, and public health. As a candidate for the Legalise Cannabis Party in WA, Frances advocates for inclusive reforms, restorative justice, and improved health services for those affected by addiction. She is dedicated to evidence-based policymaking and social justice.




Lower House Candidates - TBA
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