19 April 2024

Flying High in Freo

Can’t afford a ticket to the Derby?

We’ve got you covered with the next best thing:

a chance to experience the cannabis revolution firsthand, at the Legalise Cannabis WA Party’s 420 Festival in Freo’s iconic Walyalup Koort.

Building upon the success of last year’s event, the 420 celebration will bring together a range of innovative and exciting hemp businesses, medicinal cannabis companies, and drinks producers, alongside the party’s two MPs, Hon Dr. Brian Walker MLC and Hon Sophia Moermond MLC who will be available to answer questions on any topic you might choose, including the two cannabis bills they recently introduced into the state parliament.

The 420 Fremantle event promises a day filled with live music, diverse stalls, and a community united by their appreciation for cannabis. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore a variety of vendors offering everything from hemp-made items to pet treats, ensuring there's something for everyone.

Join us – enjoy a hemp infused beer, buy some of the funniest t-shirts in town, and get high on the atmosphere at what promises to be a fun (and politically significant) day out!

Quote from Hon. Dr Brian Walker MLC:
“With nearly 80% of the Australian public now in favour of some form of cannabis decriminalisation or outright legalisation, we’re fast approaching a tipping point which will hopefully see easier and cheaper access to medicinal cannabis, more applications for hemp licences, and a real boost to our local economy by growers, manufacturers and users alike. It’s an exciting time, and we have a lot to celebrate, so come down to Freo and join us!”

Quote from Hon. Sophia Moermond MLC:
“The many – almost endless – uses of the hemp plant, as a food, as a textile, as a building material, and as an innovative driver of economic success, should be common knowledge by now. Every day sees a new application, a new breakthrough, and many of those are being actively undertaken right here in WA. Come to 420 to learn more, to meet the producers and the innovators in person, and see how hemp can revolutionise the way we live.”

The 420 Fremantle Event is open to the public. For more information, please visit:

For media and MP interviews see contact details below.


Hon Dr Brian Walker - Craig Buchanan Phone: 08 9226 3550 Email: [email protected]
Hon Sophia Moermond - Taryn Davis Phone: 08 9486 8106 Email: [email protected]